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"You see it too? For me, it's always like this."


Just took this specifically for two of my friends here.

I know they’re both going through some hard time right now, and I also know I can’t do anything much behind this monitor. However, the least I could do, I’d go for it,

Hopefully this little picture can give you a smile at the very least. Stay strong, girls.

Thanks Mura. You’re awesome, and this brought a smile to my face. Sometimes I forget there are people who care about me that are a million miles away.

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I love when my characters (and simbows’) have babies. Top: Finn Moseley Bottom: Andre Lopez.

I have these pictures on my desktop and keep opening them to sneak peeks.
Also, Iris is Finn’s mother. So he’s well versed in sarcasm.

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I really liked their outfits. A one-color background also gave me the opportunity to move Mordecai closer to his canon height. ;__;

I have a thing for tall people with not tall people.

Last one! Also the most true.

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I meant to finish these yesterday in time for the actual day of Valentine’s but I’m never on time for anything and it’s the American way to stretch every holiday well into the weekend.

I love and put a bunch of mine & thenakedsim's couples to my favorite ones. While I didn't come up with any of these, I do take credit for my awesome sense of humor.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately, but I’ve been wanting to update my sidebar so I took a picture of Rio judging everything (probably the contents of this blog)

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Oona and her big brother, Irving.

So when are we going to make out???